Enabled with advanced quick freezing technology, J&R’s exclusive fishing vessel, the Kruzof, maintains unmatched standards in the fishing industry through preserving the highest quality seafood the industry can offer. Among this wild seafood catch are sablefish, rockfish, and halibut.


Particulars on Fishing Gear:

  • Length of Skate (a shot of line with hooks attached that is a portion of the set) : 900 feet
  • Hooks per Skate: 240
  • Each set consists of 15-23 skates and takes about 3 hours to haul. The Kruzof usually does 2-3 sets a day.
  • Depth of fishing for Sablefish occurs in 300-340 fathoms (6’=1fathom) of water.
  • Depth of fishing for Halibut may range from 50-250 fathoms.
  • Primary Fishing area and focus: Gulf of Alaska from the Bering Sea to Southeast Alaska, and inside waters of Southeast, Alaska namely, Chatham Strait and Clarence Strait
  • Primary Catch focus: Sablefish (Blackcod) is processes on board. Halibut is sold mostly fresh. By-catch is Rockfish and LingCod.
  • Other Products Harvested: Pacific Cod
  • Type of permits and Fishing Rights held: Individual Fishing Quotas for Halibut and Sablefish. Two Chatham Strait Permits (Sablefish), One Clarence Strait Permit (Sablefish). Other Quota and Permit holders also hire the Kruzof to harvest their fish.
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