Meet the Founding Principals

Captain Jim was inspired by the Old Country influence of Norwegians he worked with as a young man in Petersburg Alaska.  Their disciplined work ethic and responsible attitudes towards their job, community and family inspired him.  In addition to working as a deck-hand, starting at age 13, he also enjoyed the challenge of catching fish. Jim purchased and operated his own boat, the Swift II, at 19 years young.  Seven years later came his second boat the F/V Argo. 

A decade later Jim became less interested in relying on the shore processor to market his catch, especially when paid less for product he gave quality attention to.  This encouraged a direct market approach with his own catch, and the purchase of his 3rd vessel in 1986. Jim invested in a small plate blast freezer and made his first Freezer trip in March of 1987.   Ten years later the new Kruzof was built and currently home-ported in Seward.

In May of 1987 Jim met Rhonda on the Seward Docks. They married in August of 1988.  Rhonda joined Jim not only as spouse but also a dedicated partner who has helped carry out the vision of direct selling vessel catches to markets around the U.S. and exports to various countries. This part of the business is managed as J&R Fisheries.

F/V Swift II

Jim’s first boat, bought in 1976.

F/V Argo

Jim’s 2nd boat which he fished 7 seasons on from 1980 to 1986.

F/V Kruzof

Jim’s 3rd boat which he fished from 1987 to 1996.

F/V Kruzof

in Warm Springs Bay, August 2007.

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