Seafood Items

Our products are caught, processed, pan frozen, and packaged in poly fiber bags on board the F/V Kruzof within hours of being harvested.  We typically accommodate customers with bulk container shipments around the world and U.S.

When logistical scheduling allows, we also service partial lot and value-added orders to domestic customers.  Halibut is delivered fresh and typically sold to land plants where it is shipped fresh or frozen as an H&G and/or fletched product.

Frozen @ Sea items from the F/V Kruzof 

  • Sablefish / Blackcod– Anoplopoma Fimbria
  • Pacific / Alaska Cod— Gadus Macrocephalus
  • Other by-catches:
    • Thornyhead– Sebastolobus Alaskanus
    • Shortraker– Sebastes Borealis
    • Rougheye– Sebastes Aleutanus
    • Skate– Raja binoculata
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