We attended Council meetings in December which included the issue of using traps or not in the gulf to fish Sablefish. Then home for the holidays.

It was a challenging year, but at the end of the day we have comfort in knowing we can endure all things through Christ who strengthens us and gives us peace. Merry Christmas!


We visited Jim’s sister in West Virginia and attended customer appreciation day at her farmer’s market in Winchester where some of our seafood is sold. From there we went to Seattle and attended Vessel Insurance meetings and the Pacific Marine Expo.


Boat yard work in Seward by Vigor, the new shipyard owners in Seward. Plus we had the fish holds re-coated by Raibow Industrial, and interior painting done by Mike Ritz of Alaska Marine Coatings, Seward’s new professional Industrial painter.

June – September

The Kruzof launched into its fishing season, Fishing 3A, 3B halibut, CG, WY, SE , Chatham and Clarence B.cod. Meanwhile, Rhonda held down the home and office, hosting industry, visitors, selling fish, attended some industry meetings.

On September 26th, just days after our last fishing trip we rushed to attend the 40th Anniversary of the United Fishermen of Alaska. To our surprise Jim and I were voted as Fishermen of the year for 2014. We were so surprised, yet thought what a way to be restored after false accusations and a trial brought on us by the State. The award was well received!

Click here for more information about the award.

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