seafoodshowSince Rhonda doesn’t think she has enough to do in helping manage the Kruzof she distributes and trades other products outside of what their vessel produces.  The market niche of trying to provide the public with good quality frozen seafood at a reasonable price is one that Rhonda feels needs to be filled.

All items are Wild Alaskan Products coming from various Alaskan ports or direct market vessels.  While J&R Fisheries prefers larger wholesale orders, retail orders are always welcome given a preferred minimum purchase weight of 10 pounds.  Products can be purchased locally in Seward or contact us (hyperlink to the contact page) with your order. Orders should include receivers physical address and phone number. Visa or Mastercard accepted. Product will be shipped via Fed Ex.

Call or email us at to check on current availability and prices.

Frozen @ Sea items from the F/V Kruzof

  • Sablefish / Blackcod– Anoplopoma Fimbria
  • Pacific / Alaska Cod— Gadus Macrocephalus
  • Greenland Turbot — Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
  • Other by-catches:
    • Thornyhead– Sebastolobus Alaskanus
    • Shortraker– Sebastes Borealis
    • Rougheye– Sebastes Aleutanus
    • Skate– Raja binoculata

Current details and origin of Seafood Items


The Red Salmon we sell may originate from Copper River, Prince William Sound, and/or Cook Inlet in South Central Alaska where it is typically harvested by gill net. Silver and King Salmon is troll caught from Southeast Alaska. For ultimate freshness, we try to source product that is live bled at time of catch and well iced prior to delivery to the processor.

            VP Silver/Coho 6 – 8 oz. portions
VP Red full fillets 1-2 lbs ea
VP Portioned King 6 – 8 oz. portions


Pacific Halibut Fillets/VP Portions– from the Central Gulf of Alaska (GOA)
Pacific Halibut Cheeks-  Same as halibut, but stringy in texture.  

Pacific Cod Fillets- 8/16 oz
Rockfish Fillets-   Various species from GOA
Ling Cod-  VP 10-15 oz portions , Various species from GOA


Highly recommended for its Omega 3 oil content
VP portions 10-16 oz
Headed and Gutted

Sablefish FAQ


shrimpSea Frozen Scallops– Caught in the Gulf of Alaska.  No water added so no shrinkage during cooking.   S, M, L, sizes available.

Spot Shrimp from Southeast Alaska

Alaskan Bering Sea King Crab – Red, Blue and/or Golden

Alaskan Bering Sea Baradi Crab

For nutritional information on products, go to

Areas and Seasons of Harvesting Alaska Seafood

Check out the goods if you are in the area at Freight Station Farmers Market: 315 West Boscawen Street, Winchester, Va.

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