December started off with more industry meetings and Jim helping at the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit, where prospective fishers are connected and instructed with real practical knowledge of the fishing industry. It is our contribution towards keeping the industry alive with new talent. Visit the website and stay tuned for the next summit.

October – November

Moored at Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle, for repairs and maintenance.

Moored at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle, for repairs and maintenance.

October-November consisted of lots of travel between a wedding in Colorado and catching up with family, meetings in Seattle, attending the Pacific Marine Expo ., where my niece, Sierra had a booth to advertise her Production Company – Fox Cape Productions. It was fun seeing it come to life and help her get connected with other businesses and people in the industry.

May – September

May-September included lots of fish sales, and fishing trips. Jim ended his year in Seattle where he left the boat for repairs and maintenance.


In April we were paid a surprise visit by a State Trooper who served us papers from the State. The Indictment consisted of multiple felony and misdemeanor charges on Jim and I having to do with our fishing business. A ridiculous settlement offer from the State in June was a non-starter, and dictated that we needed to prepare for a jury trial. This finally took place in April of 2014. Until then we prepped vigorously for trial with our attorneys and found divine ways through church, family and friends to deal with our anxiety, anger, and frustration over how we were unjustly accused. We anxiously awaited trial and looked forward to proving our innocence of these egregious charges as well as reveal the reality of a very misguided investigation and evidences that would prove no crimes. To the contrary we would reveal a morass of confusing and convoluted regulations that the State prosecutors didn’t even understand. See 2014 Blog log for trial results (coming soon).


When moms turned 80, there must be a celebration in spite of it being in the middle of a halibut season. Consequently, Captain Jim could not attend but we had a wonderful party for her anyway complete with good food, past reflections, and homegrown entertainment.

January – February

Due to a tough sablefish market season that took us into the New Year, we ended up with some stranded product in China which made for an unexpected trip to Dalian in October of 2012. The problem followed us into 2013 and after 13 months from time of shipment, a sale was finally completed in August. We learned a lot more about China Trade and “fishy” importing than cared to be known.

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